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Why should every home buyer get a home inspection of their future home?

There are several reasons why every home buyer needs a home inspection for each and every home they want to buy.

Identify potential problems:

A home inspection can reveal any potential problems with the home that may not be immediately apparent to the buyer. This includes issues with the foundation, roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, and more.

Negotiate repairs or price:

If the inspection reveals any issues, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to have repairs made or to lower the price of the home to account for the cost of repairs.

You should attend the inspection:

It is imperative for you to attend the inspection with your inspector as this is a great time to learn about key elements of your future home. Knowing where and how to shut off the gas, boiler or furnace, and electrical systems can mitigate the effects of many home emergencies. Also, it gives you and your inspector an opportunity to ‘compare notes,’ about the house after the inspection.

Avoid unexpected expenses:

By getting a home inspection, the buyer can avoid unexpected expenses that may arise after the purchase of the home. This can include costly repairs or maintenance issues that were not disclosed during the sale.

Ensure safety:

A home inspection can also identify any safety hazards in the home, such as mold, radon, or carbon monoxide. These hazards can be harmful to the occupants of the home and can be addressed before the buyer moves in.

What you should look for in a home inspector:

After 41 years as an insurance broker and agent, my suggestion is to hire an inspector and professional engineer who is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). These inspectors undergo rigorous training and education both before and after they become ASHI-Certified. Should ASHI learn they are not maintaining the high standards demanded by ASHI, they can lose their certification.

Why you should hire an ASHI-Certified Home Inspector and Professional Engineer

There is nothing wrong with hiring an ASHI-certified home inspector who is not a professional engineer. However, hiring an ASHI-certified inspector means you don’t have to pay another professional engineer to perform examinations of certain cracks, electrical panels, etc. And hiring an inspector who is a professional engineer can mean lower costs for future inspections.

How long should it take to receive your inspection report?

I caution you to hire only ASHI-Certified inspectors because they are held to higher standards. 

Some inspectors provide you with a report right on the spot. My personal preference is an inspector like Colin Albert, owner of ACES Home Inspection. Colin will take some time to provide you with a preliminary assessment of your planned home purchase after the inspection. Then he’ll take anywhere from a few days or longer to prepare a well-thought-out inspection report.

Why I think every home should undergo a home inspection:

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend with many of the homes referred to me for home insurance. In several cases, I’ve given thanks for home buyers who took the time to do a home inspection. I’ve seen everything from termite-infested main support beams, windows that shake in their frames, and roofs that haven’t been completely redone in 20 years.

Insurance companies are inspecting more of homes at application, and now also prior to renewal. They won’t insure a pig in a poke, and you shouldn’t buy one.

So, overall, a home inspection is a critical step in the home-buying process that can help ensure the buyer is making an informed decision and can avoid potential problems and expenses down the line.

You can reach Colin Albert, ASHI-Certified Home Inspector, and Professional Engineer, at 718-622-4664. You can also contact him by email at [email protected]

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