Live Life Fully Covered

Most Folks  Want To “Live Life Fully Covered,” and In Control

No one wants to drive a car without a steering wheel. If your physician tells you to undergo surgery, you seek a second and even third opinion from other doctors before agreeing to go under the knife. When you live your life feeling you lack personal control what happens to you, each day is filled with dread over what can and will go wrong next. Which is no way to live life fully covered.

Now I can’t install a steering column or brakes in your car with any degree of certainty you could turn or stop your car when you wanted. And operate on you with any success of your living a long and healthy life when I’m done? Well, maybe if we’ve crashed on a deserted island, and if I don’t operate, you’ll die, and if I do operate, well you’ve got a shot.

My mission is to guarantee your being able to “Live life fully covered.” Using integrated insurance and income tax knowledge developed over 37 years I help my clients create programs to  reach their financial goals. Programs which will put them in the ‘driver’s seat’ allowing them to have actual control over financial losses caused by insurable perils. With this sense of control, it is easier to recover from a loss. Without it you lack essential control, risking your and your family’s financial security.

How Many Sleepless Nights Did  Hurricane Sandy Give You?

As Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge and floodwaters inundated the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, one of my homeowners insurance clients remembered my telling him he needed flood insurance for just this type of risk.

“It’s not if my friend, but when.”

Lucky for him, the storm waters advance stopped just four houses away from his.

Lucky? No, just a real wake-up call.

What if the storm surge and flooding reached his home? How much damage would he have suffered?

Death, Disability and Long Term Care Needs Happen, Without Benefit of Dress Rehearsals

You died last night. How confident are you your loved ones will have the income they need for food, shelter, education and the other necessities of life?

What if the Mack truck which hits you doesn’t kill you, it just puts you a wheelchair or hospital bed for an extended period of time. How will you replace your income?

What if you can no longer perform two or more of the activities of daily living without help?

You weren’t planning for a fire to destroy your home and everything in it.

Let’s make believe your home or apartment caught fire last night and you lost everything, right down to your last sweat sock. Take a few moments and just look around your home or apartment. Open the clothes closets, the cupboard, pantry, linen closet, dresser drawers, kitchen junk drawer, the closet where you store bed linens and bath towels. What is your conservative estimate of what you would need in real dollars, cold, hard cash, to put your life back together?

Let’s say Junior borrows the family car, and after the accident, only brings home the steering wheel? How much liability coverage do you have to meet any lawsuits?

If you are concerned about these insurance realities, then give me, Eustace Greaves Jr., a.k.a a call. Together, we’ll work to make sure your loss prevention program is working for you so you can live life fully covered.

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