Welcome to BrooklynCovered!

What is BrooklynCovered?

This blog is a tool. It is a source of information for those who seek answers to the common, everyday questions about insurance, income tax planning and preparation, point and insurance reduction workshop classes, and budgeting and credit, to name a few.

Who should read this blog?

Anyone who lives in Brooklyn, NY, and all points East, West, North, and South who wants to learn the information they need to be protected from life’s everyday losses. Anyone who lies in bed at night wondering, “If I die tonight will my family lose the house?” Or someone who looks forward to the day they get a paycheck they don’t need to immediately run out and cash because of pressing bills. Imagine, a paycheck or commission check they can just put in a drawer for a month or two without worry. To heck with the loss of interest, just think of the guilty pleasure it’ll bring!

  • The parent or parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle of a child they want to know will be able to attend the college of their choice.
  • The homeowner who wonders if the dwelling coverage in their homeowners insurance is sufficient with the necessary endorsements should they ever be forced to watch as firefighters pour water on their burning home.
  • The homeowner who knows damage caused by flood is no longer “if” but “when.”
  • The renter who worries about replacing all of their worldly possessions should people stop by when they’re not home, and ‘borrow’ possessions they intend to fence.
  • Another renter, who wonders how they will replace their possessions and find a place to live while watching their apartment building go up in flames.
  • The older person who lacks the resources necessary to meet the costs associated with skilled nursing care.
  • The spouse who worries about keeping the house or apartment, and meeting expenses should either wage earner die or become disabled.
  • The taxpayer who just wants honest, competent answers to the many new changes to the income tax code.
  • A New York State licensed driver, with or without points on their license, who just wants to pay less for their auto insurance.

For these folk and many more this blog exists. Again, not just for residents of Brooklyn, NY, but throughout New York State and the entire United States of America.

What’s my next step?
I do not pretend to be a mind reader. BrooklynCovered.com will work best when it addresses your need for answers to your personal questions and concerns about your insurance, and income taxes. So submit your questions and concerns and I will do my level best to provide you and all who read this blog with the knowledge you seek.

I look forward to sharing this journey of discovery with you.
Let’s get started.