Loss Prevention and You

Loss prevention and you, perfect together. With it, you can recover from a loss. Without it, and you risk your and your family’s financial security.

Eustace Greaves Jr., a.k.a BrooklynCovered.com can help.

How worried were you about Hurricane Sandy?

As Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge and floodwaters inundated the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, one of my homeowners insurance clients  remembered my telling him he needed flood insurance for just this type of risk.

“It’s not if my friend, but when.”

Lucky for him, the storm waters’s advanced stopped just four houses away from his.

Lucky? No, just a real wake-up call.

How many times has the Internal Revenue Service sent you a CP2000 letter, only to have your income tax preparer say, “Don’t worry about it,”?

The IRS doesn’t send letters just to say “Hello.” You’d better worry about it.

Death, disability, and the need for long term care gives you no chances for a dress rehearsal. It’s always opening night.

How confident are you your loved ones will have the income they need for food, shelter, education and the other necessities of life should you die before you plan to?

What if the Mack truck which hits you doesn’t kill you. How will you replace your income?

If you are concerned about these and other insurance and income tax-related issues, then give Eustace Greaves Jr., a.k.a BrooklynCovered.com a call. Together, we’ll work to make sure your loss prevention program is working for you.

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