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Home, Cooperative, and Condominium Insurance for First-Time Buyers

“Ask every broker or agent you contact for a quotation based on your homes’ full component replacement or construction cost (RCT), not the market value or the mortgage amount. Ask them to provide you with a printed copy of the replacement cost calculations. ” Continue reading

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Heightened Awareness | Brooklyn Covered

“Increased inflation during their working years left their hard-earned pensions inadequate for the new financial reality of increased rents, and having to purchase Medicare Supplement coverage to fill the gaps in their health insurance. And, even if they own their own home, increased real estate taxes and utility bills will become an increasing burden at a time in their lives when, for the most part, their income will not increase each year.

“Many of these good folk are facing retirement and still have mortgages. Why? They fell prey to the siren song of refinancing during the years of mortgage madness. They used their hard-earned equity for new cars, vacations, window treatments and college educations for their children. They thought the gravy train would still be rolling down the tracks.

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Your Last Letter to Your Loved Ones | BrooklynCovered

Pookies tears streamed down my shoulder as we hugged at his father’s graveside. His Mom rose from her chair, came over and hugged me, saying, “Thank you for getting my man to write us that letter. I knew we had paid-up cemetery plots, but I didn’t know where. He never told me he had so much life insurance, and all of those investments.”

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