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Excuse Me, My Penny Please

“Years ago, there was a television commercial which spoke about sound financial management. One of the actors, dressed as a fly fisherman said, “Watch your pennies, and the dollars will grow.” Continue reading

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Illegal Apartments in NYC: How Many More Must Die?

“What’s even worse is that this building was had complaints about illegally converted apartments way back in 2006. Unfortunately, according to records, the New York City Department of Buildings representatives couldn’t gain access to the building to verify the illegal renovations, and properly cite the owner (s).” Continue reading

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Heightened Awareness | Brooklyn Covered

“Increased inflation during their working years left their hard-earned pensions inadequate for the new financial reality of increased rents, and having to purchase Medicare Supplement coverage to fill the gaps in their health insurance. And, even if they own their own home, increased real estate taxes and utility bills will become an increasing burden at a time in their lives when, for the most part, their income will not increase each year.

“Many of these good folk are facing retirement and still have mortgages. Why? They fell prey to the siren song of refinancing during the years of mortgage madness. They used their hard-earned equity for new cars, vacations, window treatments and college educations for their children. They thought the gravy train would still be rolling down the tracks.

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