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Eustace Greaves Jr., LUTCF, authors BrooklynCovered, a Social Media Blog dedicated to providing those in Brooklyn and beyond with the information about insurance, income taxes, point and insurance reduction workshops, NYS vehicle and traffic law and investments to help you and those you love make informed choices about your finances.

Accidents, Lies and no Videotape | BrooklynCovered

I raced outside and saw what looked to be a 1995 Panel Van with NYS plates kissing the rear bumper of a white 2007 Chrysler Station Wagon with Pennsylvania plates. The driver of the Panel Van had jumped out of his vehicle, cursing his fate, not thinking clearly enough to put his van in park. I suggested, in a loud voice, to get back in the van and put it park.

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“Four Doorbells for a Two-Family House?”|BrooklynCovered

So, I received a telephone call the other day from a two of my favorite clients, let’s call them The Searchings, Desperately and his lovely wife, Really. Both are long-suffering participants in the house-hunting and purchasing madness merry-go-round. (I told them to call the real estate brokers I know, but N-n-n-n-o-o-o-o.)

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Talk About Your Hot Sex…|BrooklynCovered

What’s wrong with flashlights? Candles. It had to be candles. Last week, here in Brooklyn, NY,  a building with over sixty apartments caught fire, causing the tenants, some of whom lived there for over 30 years,  to lose their homes. In the days which … Continue reading

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